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Jun 7, 2016

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LBDS hires new Technical Service Manager – Caleb Ogden

LBDS is very happy to aCalebnnounce that Caleb Ogden will be joining Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits to fill our open position of Technical Service Manager. In this role he will have responsibility for assisting sales and plant personnel in the evaluation of Process optimizations, fermentation performance criteria, review of current methods, technique and equipment for testing accuracy and repeatability.

Previously he has held leadership positions in Laboratory Management with a focus on Quality Control and Quality Assurance in fermentation and distillation of fuel, beverage, and industrial grade ethanol. Caleb brings with him over 12 years of ethanol plant experience. Caleb previously worked with Midwest Grain Products, which later became Illinois Corn Processing, LLC.  This plant is located in Pekin, IL   His duties included laboratory analysis of fermenter, distillation, and byproduct analysis, as well as calibration and maintenance of all laboratory and plant lab equipment. Additional duties included communication of suggested changes to promote efficiency throughout all plant production processes and additional knowledge of continues fermentation.

Caleb currently lives in East Peoria, IL.  In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and bass, cooking, and reading.  Caleb also enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing and camping.

Please join us in welcoming Caleb to the Lallemand family.