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Jul 29, 2016

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LBDS attends annual WIRSPA conference in Jamaica

The West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA) hosted its annual Technical Seminar from July 11-14th, 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica. The seminar was attended by 51 delegates from 11 member countries within the WIRSPA group (16 total producers!). A team from LBDS had the honor of attending (Shernell Layne, Robert Piggot, Seymour Vargas, Alan Smart, and Joseph Kalkwarf). This was the team’s first involvement in a WIRPSA event.  Joseph and Robert gave presentations in the areas of yeast nutrition and fermentation management as well as yield determination and cost. The presentations were well received and resulted in positive feedback from those in attendance. Other presentations in the seminar included talks on distillery waste treatment systems, modern technologies for alcohol production and sanitation and CIP systems and were given by a number of industry professionals.

Attendees participated in a rum tasting event where products from the various distilleries which were represented at the seminar were sampled. A major highlight of this tasting event was sampling of rum products from Grenada Distillers Ltd, St. Lucia Distillers Ltd, West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd and Demerara Distillers which were all made with LBDS yeast strains.

The seminar concluded with tours to the Appleton and Clarendon Rum Distilleries and proved to be a great opportunity for networking and promotion of LBDS products and services. General interest was shown in our yeast and nutrient products as well as the use of fluorescent microscopy. Overall, the LBDS presence at this seminar was impactful and we look forward to participation in future WIRSPA events.wirspa