Bio-Ferm® XR

Bio-Ferm® XR

Bio-Ferm® XR is a standard performance active dried yeast (ADY) derived from a Non-GMO Strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Ethanol Producers have learned to depend on this product’s performance and consistency as Bio-Ferm® XR is used by more producers than any other product on the market.

This yeast is ideally suited for the batch production of fuel, beverage, and industrial alcohol. Bio-Ferm® XR demonstrates above average fermentation characteristics in terms of its ability to tolerate high temperatures, high solids (osmotic stress), and ethanol toxicity.

Bio-Ferm® XR is an Active Dried Yeast which boasts a high viable cell count. Bio-Ferm® XR has demonstrated the ability to aggressively ferment higher solids in whole mash and may be used with a variety of substrates such as: corn, milo, wheat, molasses, citrus molasses, cassava, fructose syrup, and wet milling starch streams.

  • Low Moisture level (95% solids).
  • Greater than 15 billion viable cells/gram (1.8 x 1010).
  • Osmotic Tolerance (plant) consistently 36% corn solids.
  • Wide temperature range and has shown the ability to tolerate brief temperature spikes up to 105° F (41° C) early in commercial fermentations without suffering yield loss.
  • Short rehydration and lag time.

Compatible with all enzyme systems, particularly new generation alpha-amylases, which allow higher solids through mash viscosity reduction.

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