2018 Montreal Alcohol School

September 9-14, 2018

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2018 Alcohol School Extra Credit

Montreal, Quebec

September 11-12, 2018


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2018 Alcohol School Concise Distilled Spirits

Kingston, Jamaica

October 16-19, 2018


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For over 35 years, The Alcohol School has been educating fuel ethanol and distilled beverage producers in the multidisciplinary sciences of alcohol production. The course is designed to provide our delegates with detailed information on fuel ethanol and beverage alcohol unit processes. Separate sessions for fuel and beverage concepts are held, but where the technologies overlap, sessions are done with both groups together. Both the European and North American programs are designed for lab, plant, and management personnel and are organized around lectures, laboratory demonstrations, seminars, and lab visits. Our course is also appropriate for suppliers and government personnel to provide understanding and training. This important resource is becoming more valuable every year as the market growth is making the need for continual education a must. Networking is encouraged at meals, organized dinners and tours.

Read an article about the Alcohol School
Learning about Ethanol Production (PDF)
by Craig Pilgrim,
printed in Brewer and Distiller International, February 2011

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